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Manuel J. Rios, manager, is a registered A.P.I. (Member of the Estate Agent’s Guild) and an official interpreter in English and French. Mr Rios and his wife, Pauline Rios have been living in L’Ametlla de Mar since 1977. His wife, who is a qualified teacher, comes from near Boston, Lincolnshire. The company started initially as a language school which also offered translation & interpreter services. It has developed into a limited company and, while it has maintained its initial character, it also offers Real Estate, building and consulting.


1 Check and survey of properties.

2 Advice on purchase or sale of property and local paper work: N.I.E., residence, etc.

3 There are reliable English speaking (and other languages) solicitors in our area, available upon request if you feel you need legal advice.

4 Preparation and assistance at the Notary when signing: Wills, Deeds, Powers of Attorney, mortgages, loans, etc.

5 Work on your behalf with any professionals you may need to deal with (architects, electricians, plumbers, decorators, builders, etc).

6 Translation and interpreter services.

7 Presentation of documents to official places: the town hall, planning authorities, water and electricity companies, etc.

8 Building: New builds. We can build your House or get you a reliable builder Renovations. We can renovate your property.

9 Arrange Banking: accounts, insurances, financial services, pension schemes, mortgages, loans, investments.

10 We have been running a language school and offering translation and interpreter services since 1991.

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